The Swan Cup - Incentive Horse Sale and Polocrosse Competition

Swan Cup Open Men’s Competition

$17500 in prize money
Winners $14,000 ($2,000/player) + Prizes
Runners-up $3500 ($500/player) + Prizes


  1. Teams are 7 players and 7 Horses
  2. Games are 6 x 6 chukkas, Finals 8 x 6 chukkas
  3. Rules are as per PAA Rulebook 2019
  4. Maximum 56 points per team (6 highest pointed players must have a maximum of 48 points)
  5. All teams are to wear matching uniforms with clear and visible numbers.
  6. All players and horses are to wear correct polocrosse attire as per PAA rule book.
  7. 7th player may be rotated into play at any time between chukka’s, at the team’s discretion. If there is a stoppage in play for broken gear, injury to player or horse, or any other reason where a player or horse is unable to continue. The spare player goes on instantly, no exceptions. Chukka is able to reshuffle positions.
  8. All players will need to be entered on the NSWPA database as pool players for the Swan Cup, by your club secretary.

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Payments & Notifications

A non-refundable $700 to the Inverell Polocrosse Club Inc before Friday 14th May (refunds will only be offered if Covid-19 restrictions are imposed on the event).

If you submit the nomination form below we will email you an invoice with our bank details.

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