The Swan Cup - Incentive Horse Sale and Polocrosse Competition

2022 Swan Cup Results

18th July 2022

Congrats to all teams involved in our inaugural Swan Cup competitions. 
Final results.

Smith & Sons Renovations & Extensions New England North Open Womens

Hyfeed 12 v Kings Hotel 11
Best ASH: Tennille Crab - Bawnduggie Quickstep
Best 1: Christie Edwards
Best 2: Steph Solomon
Best 3: Sydnee Johnson 
Player of the match: Tennille Crab 

Yarrawa Park Stock Horses Incentive

Berragoon Heiniger 18 v Jaylyn Downs 10
Best ASH: Beth Hafey - Jaylyn Downs Porscha
Best 1: Ty Murray
Best 2: Brigette Shepherd 
Best 3: Jim Grills
Player of the match: Jim Grills

Jaylyn Downs ASH Stud Open Mens

Anvil Park 24 v Berragoon Heiniger 20
Best ASH: Corey Buys - Roseridge Cruise
Best 1: Jim Grills
Best 2: Mitch Anderson 
Best 3: Corey Buys
Player of the match: Corey Buys 

Thank you to our sponsors and supporters 

Swan Cup - Australian Stock Horse Sale

An Australian Stock Horse Society approved Polocrosse incentive sale.

Top priced horse was Justin Hafey’s Lot 24 JAYLYN DOWNS LEXUS who was purchased by Borderview Stock Horses for $65,000!

Gross: $305,000
Average: $15,250
Clearance: 90%

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